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Flat rates and More
Home About Us Contact Us Services PC Security Shop Credentials Q and A News

Are you wondering what it will cost to install additional Hard Drive in your system? Then wait no longer. Please visit us and check our prices or just call. Al a Carte services are design to service almost any issue that your computer requires. From Microsoft Office installation and configuration to Sound Card or Printer installation. It is straight forward and simple and anybody knows how much it will cost.

Do you need to upgrade your memory?

Do you need to install a printer?

Do you need optimize your computer?

Do you need to clean up your computer?

Do you need additional hard drive?

For all those questions above we have an answer in our Al a Carte prices.

Al a Carte services apply only to the services provided at our Service Locations.

We provide House Calls services to the our customers. The first 2.5 Hours of service that are within 10 miles radius the price is

For service over 10 miles one way

Each additional hour is $60.00 in 15 minutes increments.

We are located in Lakeville MA at 54 Main St unit 3

Some of our customers request same day service. Some conditions apply so please call. The fee for the Same Day service for Bronze or Gold level is

$129.00 $169.00 $75.00

The average time to fix a computer might range from 3 to 6 hours. If we charge our customers the actual hours we spent then the average price could range from $200 to $500.

Understanding that the price to fix a PC would be prohibitive we have created two service levels that allow us to fix any software problem.

Bronze Level

Designed for computers that are infected by Spy-Ware or Viruses, have corrupted software or are slow and not responsive. This level can be used for almost 70% of the problems.

Our technicians will evaluate the issue and will inform the customer if the computer can be fixed using this level.

Please read our Q and A to learn why the computer doesn’t qualify for that level and the only way to fix it would be to use the Gold Level.

Services provided by Bronze Level include Spy-Ware and Virus cleanup, basic computer optimization, PC cleanup, Anti Virus software reinstallation.

Designed for computers that have been severely infected with Spy-Ware, Trojans or Root Kit Viruses or might have bad hard drive etc.

In cases attempts to repair very often might leave the computer inoperable or repair would not be sufficient and computer still might have a code that can re-infect operating system.

However once customer authorize us to use Gold Level, we will try at first to use Bronze Level service.

Service will include all the services provided by Bronze Level plus total Operating System reinstallation and configuration. We will install up to three applications like iTunes or Microsoft Office and Anti Virus software.

We offer service protection which will allow customer to come twice within a year and have their computer restore to the conditions the day it was serviced The service protection covers only software issues. Any hardware problem like bad hard drive or video card are not covered.

The listed prices do not apply to business computers. Home Service Protection Attention! Home Home Home $79.99 Why do we use Service Levels? $109.99 Al a Carte Services House Calls $159.99 Same Day Service Gold Level