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PC Security The Repair of your Computer until  you read this important information

PC security  for your computer is very important especially when you using your computer to for Internet Shopping or Banking.

Programs like Anti-Virus, Anti-Spy-Ware, Fire Wall must function properly for a safer user experience.

If any of the above programs are not working there is a grate chance that you will get a virus or spy-ware and your security will be compromise.

You probably heard already about Lost/Hijacked Identity issues. It usually starts with infected computers that was used to do shopping or banking.

If you think that your computer is infected it is usually too late to try to repair your computer on the Internet.

We found that at least half of the customers that tried that root was misdirected to the websites that were designed to steal their credit cards, user information or just simply install a program that will prevent the user from accessing their data, until they pay the substantial amount of money.

  1. First make sure that you are not infected
  2. Install the best possible Anti-Virus/Spyware program and make sure that is updated automatically.
  3. Update your computer Operating System with the latest patches and fixes
  4. Avoid free software if possible.
  5. Avoid downloading Music or Movies from unknown sources.
  6. Avoid programs that are promising a total fix for your issues. Unless you believe in miracles.
  7. Use common sense when browsing Internet
  8. Avoid random clicking on search results from your search engines
  9. Use only very well known search provides like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

We recommend Kaspersky as the most effective Security software on the market today.

If you cannot afford the paid version then we have few products that you can use for free. However we should warn you that doing this by yourself can be quite dangerous. It is very difficult for average user to be able to distinguish between what is legitimate and what is a spy-ware. Most of the fake software looks so real that customer actually pay for it with their credit cards.

We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG Free Edition.